WAITI is committed to quality in both translator and interpreter (T&I) service delivery.

WAITI is a Western Australian T&I practitioner voice that has maintained its independence since its foundation in 1975. When the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) was founded in 1987 drawing together all other professional T&I organisations existing at the time nationally, WAITI decided not to amalgamate but to cooperate closely instead.

We participated in developing and ultimately adopted the AUSIT Code of Ethics. We were a driving force behind the creation, in 1977, of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) Ltd. We also played a major role in the development of national T&I qualifications first introduced in 2010.

We provided substantial input in the WA Language Services Policy, both the original policy (2008) and subsequent reviews (2014 and 2020).

We organise Professional Development (PD) workshops to assist members in maintaining and upgrading their skills.

We keep members informed on matters of relevance at state, national and international level.

Our Member Forum provides a platform for discussion, advice and support.

We offer T&I service users input into the professional development of their staff as well as training sessions for students of other professional fields who may have to work with interpreters in the course of their career, to improve their understanding of our profession and work effectively with translators and interpreters.

WAITI is serious about continuous improvement and has set up a sub-committee to deal with issues and experiences of concern brought to our attention, and to provide relevant support and advice to the parties concerned – be it Members, Language Service Providers (LSPs), language service users or CALD clients. Contact email: